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Do You Read Your Food Labels?

Understanding the nutrition panel labels on food can be a challenge! However, if you’re concerned about your sugar intake, which you should be as the average American is consuming nearly 3 times the recommended amount daily, it’s crucial to read the labels. 

Even though food labels look intimidating, they are there to help you. There are two places to refer to when checking the label. 

First, the ...

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Who's up for a road trip?

Whether you’re headed out for a staycation or spending a holiday with family, road trips are a great way to travel! 

Unfortunately, more often than not, road trips go hand-in-hand with unhealthy drive-through foods and sore muscles. 

You’ve probably spent some time planning out your route and considering what to pack. Why not go one step further and plan out healthy meals and snacks? Having a plan doesn’t take much time or effort. 

Fill a cooler with pre-cut fruits and veggies for snacking. Bananas, oranges, apples, and grapes make great travel snacks. So do carrot sticks and celery. For healthy fats and proteins bring along hummus, peanut butter, and your favorite nut mix. ...

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A New Opportunity in Gum Disease Treatment and Maintenance

One of the most destructive diseases to the gum and bone that supports the teeth is gum disease.  Gum disease is initiated by bacteria, yeast, and viruses that live in the mouth, or are acquired through saliva from someone else.  From multiple scientific studies, it is widely understood that about 10 to 15 bacteria, along with other yeast and viruses (pathogens), are mainly responsible for gum disease.  Often the pathogen types, and even the combination of pathogens causing the disease, are different for different people.  What makes this disease even more unique is that everybody has their own personalized reaction to the pathogens.  This personalized response is based on individual ...

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Bite Disease: Your Teeth Are a Very Important Part of Your Digestive System

Your teeth are one of the most unique substances in your body.  They are one of the hardest natural materials known to man and are resistant to penetration by most substances and are resistant to many diseases.  However, they can come under attack by acids and by extreme friction from the chewing services of the teeth they meet during chewing.  This is especially true if they don't come together properly.  When the teeth don't fit together, we have inefficient use of the chewing muscles and abnormal forces on the teeth cause premature tooth loss.  We call this situation Bite Disease.  If you were a dentist, we would refer to it ...

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Wellness Dentistry

A trip to the dentist typically involves fillings, cleanings, and other routine services.  But today, progressive dentists are spending more time learning and informing patients how dentistry and overall health are directly connected.

For example, when patients are experiencing gum disease, their chances of serious health risks (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) dramatically increases.  This is known as oral systemic health.

This new approach to dentistry is being recognized worldwide and Dr. Katie is embracing and implementing it in her Wellness Center.  Our patients are able to benefit from increased longevity and vitality.

Multiple organizations teach dentists to recognize these harmful mouth issues, and Dr. Katie has dedicated herself to learning from the best.  ...

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Smile with Confidence!

February is a great month to LOVE your smile!  Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you!  It is a great honor to have our patients trust us with something so precious.  In order to earn and maintain that trust, we are always learning and using the most advanced techniques to give our patients the best aesthetics and dental health!  One such technique is Dr. Katie’s chairside cosmetic bonding that she mastered from extensive training in Brazil and the U.S..  Using this training, Dr. Katie is able to give patients the smile they have been waiting for without removing ANY healthy tooth structure and same day results! 

One ...

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Health is the New Wealth!

January is a great time to jumpstart your nutrition and health after the holiday season.  Celery juice is a great way to get started!  It has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects and drinking celery juice can help with acid reflux which can cause erosion and weaken your enamel.  There are many other health benefits to drinking celery juice!  It can help with bloating, IBS, constipation, acne, eczema, and other issues involving inflammation.  Celery juice is also an effective natural diuretic!  It can help to flush toxins from your body, improving your overall health.

Did you know celery is so fibrous and low in sugar, it will not cause the ...

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