Your Initial Exam

One of Dr. Katie's firm beliefs is that the best dentistry is the dentistry you can avoid with a solid preventive foundation. Rather than providing reactive dentistry exclusively, our experienced dentists use patient education, digital technology, and a holistic approach to each patient’s care to customize treatment to help you keep your teeth and your oral health for a lifetime.

Your Initial Exam at Our Katy, TX Dental Office 

You might notice that our new patient exams are more extensive than you’re used to. We begin by taking Dr. Katie's series of records which include digital photos of your face, smile, and teeth along with digital x-rays to give us baseline information about your oral health.  We will also review your dental and medical history in depth.

A tooth-by-tooth exam to evaluate any existing dentistry, cracked teeth, chips, or uneven wear gives Dr. Katie the information she needs to design a treatment plan to keep your pearly whites strong and functioning comfortably.

Each exam comes with an oral cancer screening. Your dentist is the best line of defense when it comes to this particularly deadly form of cancer. Early detection and treatment can save your life.  Dr. Katie will also check for sinus pressure, facial muscle tenderness, tongue tie, nasal breathing and more.  We know that so much of what happens to our bodies is connected to our mouths.  Our focus goes beyond just teeth.

Finally, how your jaw functions can impact your day-to-day life. Headaches and migraines have been linked to teeth grinding (bruxism) and jaw popping or pain. Wear patterns, bite marks inside the cheeks, and clicking or locking joints can indicate that the jaw is not working optimally. We can help with occlusal splints and adjustments, along with lifestyle changes, to protect your joints from premature deterioration.

Your Personalized Consultation

Once your oral exam is complete, Dr. Katie will go over everything with you step-by-step in a no-pressure way designed to inform you and help you make the best choices possible for your oral health.