Sedation Dentistry

Our team strives to make every patient feel welcome and comfortable, and we have a special knack for turning any negative opinions about the dentist around with our kind and compassionate nature. We understand that many of our patients come to us with history – some of which they might prefer to forget. We would be honored to turn those negative feelings around.

Does fear keep you from the dentist?

If you avoid the dentist long enough, eventually a problem will arise that requires an emergency dental appointment. If you have a fear of the dentist or anxiety at the thought of sitting in the dental chair, an emergency dental visit might make you feel more afraid because you can’t plan for it and might even be in pain.

What if there was a way that you could have the dental care you need, safely and without stress? With sedation dentistry in our Katy, TX dental office, we make it possible for our patients every single day.

Sedation Dentistry for Comfortable Treatment

If you have difficulty getting numb, or you suffer from an overactive gag reflex, sedation dentistry can make your dental visits far more comfortable. In addition to alleviating anxiety, sedation dentistry works in conjunction with local anesthesia to ensure your dental visit is pain-free.

Mild Dental Sedation – Nitrous Oxide

Our mildest form of sedation is nitrous oxide, an odorless gas administered through a small breathing mask that fits over the nose. Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is popular for patients who want to be able to resume their normal activities after their dental appointment. It’s so mild; we can even use it for children to help them sit still and relax while we look after their mouths.

Dr. Katie can adjust the levels of sedation throughout the appointment to ensure that you stay relaxed and comfortable. Once we stop administering the gas and switch over to pure oxygen, you will begin to feel completely refreshed in just a few minutes.

Moderate Dental Sedation – Oral Sedation

If you feel you need a bit more than nitrous oxide, oral sedation utilizes prescription medication to help take the edge off. While you will stay conscious and able to respond to our team’s questions and requests, you might feel dreamy with little sense of time. Most patients report that they have little memory of their treatment. If you are fearful of the dentist, this is a bonus! Sometimes called, “sleep dentistry,” oral sedation may cause you to doze off, but is not as dramatic as general or IV sedation.

Our team will do a complete workup of your medical history to make sure that oral sedation is safe for you.

Would You Like to Relax in the Dental Chair?

Our Katy, TX dental practice has options to help you feel less stress during your procedure. Contact Dr. Katie To, Center for Integrative Wellness and Cosmetic Dentistry to learn more or to set up a sedation dentistry consultation.