Teeth Whitening

Everyone would like a smile that’s healthy and beautiful. Convenient teeth whitening treatments at our Katy dental office make it easy to achieve a great smile that draws people to you and helps you feel good about the way you look.

In the digital age, every picture posted on social media is a big deal because it’s right there for the world to see. If you are one of the many people who have noticed that your once white teeth are now yellow or brown, you might stop smiling for those snapshots altogether. At Dr. Katie To, Center for Integrative Wellness and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer the most effective teeth whitening system available on the market today—KöR Whitening—so you can smile with confidence again.

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

You brush and floss your teeth, have them cleaned regularly, and you don’t smoke. Why would you still have yellow teeth? The truth is that even without coffee, tobacco, or red wine, your teeth will still collect stains over the years—some of which might be from the healthiest of foods! Colorful veggies, spices like turmeric and curry, cherries, and even leafy greens can all leave deposits on your teeth. Dr. Katie would never recommend that you avoid the most delicious and healthy foods because they fuel your body. Instead, she offers a way to have a white smile for a lifetime.

In-Office KöR Whitening

If you have a wedding, reunion, or vacation planned and want a dazzling smile in all of your photos, our in-office teeth whitening option gives you fast results. We apply teeth whitening gel in our Katy, TX dental office and avoid using lights and gimmicks that can cause teeth to feel sensitive. Since KöR Whitening has desensitizers in the gel, you can count on whiter teeth fast—up to a six-shade improvement in a single visit.

Our Take-Home Teeth Whitening System

Because we create custom teeth whitening trays for you to use at home, you can continue whitening your teeth on your own schedule until you reach your desired shade. When it’s time for a touchup, we carry professional teeth whitening gel in our office, and you can maintain a white smile for a lifetime with periodic re-treatments.

When Is the Best Time to Whiten My Teeth?

If you want to enjoy the whitest smile possible, it’s best to get started right after your next dental cleaning. Our hygienists gently and thoroughly remove tartar deposits that can interfere with the teeth whitening product and polish away surface stains for a brilliant smile.

Discover Your Best Smile

Whether you decide on an in-office treatment or a professional take-home kit, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful results you’ll see in just a short amount of time. We also offer teeth whitening with Zoom! And Opalescence for people who prefer another brand. 

Are you ready to take the next step to make your smile the best it can be? Please contact our Katy, TX dental office to arrange your teeth whitening appointment, and we’ll get you started!