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What are Color Therapy Glasses?

May 24, 2022
Posted By: Dawn katietodds

If you have been seen for a wellness visit lately you may have had the opportunity to pick out some stylish glasses. Our color therapy glasses not only make you look extremely cool while receiving your dental care, but they also serve a great purpose!

Did you know that color therapy helps stimulate different emotional responses depending on the frequency of the color perceived? Color Therapy, more widely known as chromotherapy, allows you to become immersed in a particular color, which can maximize the impact of that color on the body. Color therapy is beneficial to you in multiple ways such as lifting your mood, or helping you relax. Chromotherapy has been around for nearly 1000 years and it is a long-used technique that involves the use of color in healing the body.


Which color is right for you? The choice is yours!

RED- vitality & power

ORANGE- sociability & happiness

YELLOW- cheerfulness & creativity

GREEN- peace & love

AQUA- purity and relaxation

BLUE- improved communication

INDIGO- serenity & stillness

VIOLET- inspiration & generosity

MAGENTA- internal balance

PINK- reduced aggression


We are excited for you to experience chromotherapy during your next wellness visit! Simply wearing these glasses for only 10-30 minutes per day, it is possible to experience their influence on your mood. Try them and see the world in a new light!


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