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Biocorrosion: Gum Line Notching and Environmental Damage to Tooth Root Surfaces

May 10, 2019
Posted By: Dawn katietodds

A very common condition that many people have is notching or tooth structure loss right above the gum line on some upper and lower teeth.  This notching can leave the gum tooth interface unsightly due to discoloration, it can produce sensitivity to hot and cold, and can ultimately compromise the integrity of the tooth structure.  This notching is a result of prior gum recession exposing the root surface to the oral environment.  Root surfaces do not have the hard enamel covering protecting the tops of the teeth rendering them vulnerable to environmental conditions.  Once exposed this surface can be compromised from a combination of chewing forces, acids from the stomach, acids from the foods we eat or drink and abrasion from additives in toothpastes added by the manufacturers.  A very common source of this acid can be from the stomach because of acid reflux disease.

Dr. Katie's team of highly trained dental professionals do a very thorough examination for damage to the teeth just above the gum line.  We also provide comprehensive treatment recommendation to assist in repairing and protecting tooth damage from this multifactorial condition.

Understanding Biocorrosion referred to as "gum line notching" is another example of how Dr. Katie's team have a keen awareness about how oral conditions can affect or are affected by overall health.

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