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Bite Disease: Your Teeth Are a Very Important Part of Your Digestive System

May 17, 2019
Posted By: Dawn katietodds

Your teeth are one of the most unique substances in your body.  They are one of the hardest natural materials known to man and are resistant to penetration by most substances and are resistant to many diseases.  However, they can come under attack by acids and by extreme friction from the chewing services of the teeth they meet during chewing.  This is especially true if they don't come together properly.  When the teeth don't fit together, we have inefficient use of the chewing muscles and abnormal forces on the teeth cause premature tooth loss.  We call this situation Bite Disease.  If you were a dentist, we would refer to it as Occlusal Disease.

Having this disease can cause premature tooth loss, an unsightly smile, and malfunction of the teeth that you so depend on to grind up your food.  Unfortunately, many people take their teeth for granted.  They feel that losing a molar, or two, is not necessarily a big problem.  This is not true.  Your front teeth are designed for cutting.  Your side teeth are designed for holding, pulling, and grasping to secure the food that you're about to eat.  The back teeth are designed for grinding and mashing to turn the food into small pieces so it can be efficiently digested in the stomach.

One of the issues that dentists see with people that lose back teeth is improper grinding of the food.  Improper food grinding leads to larger pieces entering the stomach and increases the work load on the digestive system.  It has been confirmed, that people without back teeth have more digestive problems, choke more often, and have less vitality and quality of life due to not being able to eat healthy foods.  They suffer from malnutrition, and tend to lean toward foods that are convenient to eat, that do not look like natural foods, and their diet ends up being calorie dense and nutrient poor.

What is the final message about bite disease?  If you have any visual changes in the length of teeth, or notice any premature wearing away of the chewing surfaces of the teeth, please see schedule a visit with Dr. Katie for an evaluation.  Dr. Katie and her team all know that the road to a healthy digestive system and good nutrition starts with great teeth!

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