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Get Your Oral Cancer Screening!

April 12, 2018
Posted By: Dawn katietodds

The month of April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and our office is dedicated to providing our patient's with the best care possible. We love learning and incorporating new technologies into our practice, especially when they can save lives!

Did you know over the past 8 years, most cancer numbers have decreased, but oral cancer has increased? Did you also know, 70% of oral cancer is found in late stages (III and IV). Because we don't want any of our patients to be included in those numbers, we have recently partnered with the company, OralID, to be able to use their fluorescence technology, that provides us with an aid in visualization of oral cancer, pre-cancer and other abnormal lesions.

OralID is a battery-operated, hand-held oral examination light. When the blue light from OralID shines on healthy oral tissue, it fluoresces green. However, when it shines on abnormal tissue, it appears dark due to a lack of fluorescence.

This technology is absolutely incredible and necessary to help detect cancer at an early stage! We are so excited to be able to screen EVERY patient, at EVERY visit, free of charge to you! So come see us to be screened! :)

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