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A Safe Practice for a Healthy You

April 9, 2020
Posted By: Dawn katietodds

At our office, we practice Biological/Holistic Dentistry.  There is a common misconception that Biological/Holistic Dentistry is a fad, fake, or non-scientific.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Biological/Holistic Dentistry takes into consideration what is going on in the rest of your body, not just your teeth.  It is an extremely science based way to practice and makes our standard of care higher than most.

We also use the latest and greatest in Dental Technology.  Dr. Katie has invested in this advanced technology to be able to catch problems while they are small, before they become painful or need more serious treatment.  

One of the most crucial aspects of practicing Biologically, is our deep understanding of practicing SAFE.  This safety is for our patients and team.  Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, our office was already using the highest level masks and decontamination procedures.  

Please know that when you are here with us, your safety is our number concern and we have always, and will continue, to take the absolute best care of you and your family.

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