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Thermography & Early Detection

October 9, 2020
Posted By: Dawn katietodds

With many diseases, early detection is key to regaining health.  Breast cancer is one that comes to mind this month.  We highly recommend Thermography testing as a way to find inflammation in the body early on.  

Thermography is a series of scans taken using state of the art digital infrared cameras.  These scans are ready by a licensed medical professional and can identify neurological, vascular and circulatory dysfunction, and other injuries.

These images are so important for breast cancer prevention.  Irregular patters in the thermography scans show up in early stages of breast cancer.  There is no radiation, so scans can be taken at any age.  There is no pain involved and no risk of implant rupture.

For more information, please visit HERE.

Located in Spring, Texas, Dr. Dawn Ewing is able to take these scans and help patients identify problems early so that treatment is shorter and less invasive.  She is a well renowned Naturopathic Practitioner.  She is amazing at helping patients get back to the wellness they are looking for through a holistic approach backed by science.  Go see Dr. Dawn and begin your own journey to wellness.  Did you know Dr. Katie get's this exam every year and performs self checks monthly?

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